For over fifty (50) years, the members of The Children’s Service Guild of Southern Nevada, one of Las Vegas’ oldest philanthropic organizations, have been giving their time and collecting contributions to fill the needs of the children who have been touched by the Clark County Family Court System. Through the Children’s Service Guild members’ work and your donations, the children have received dental, vision and medical care as well as physical support, clothing, toys, bedding and a kitten to replace a lost one.

The Children’s Service Guild also provides the children, many of whom have never had the experience, with positive reinforcement, rewards and incentives. This is a responsibility not taken lightly by The Children’s Service Guild members. We consider this assistance a necessity, and as an endeavor of love and dedication to these children.

The Children’s Service Guild of Southern Nevada is a 501C Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the assistance of children affected by the Family Court System.

The Guild strives to fill the needs that are not met by county funds.

The Guild provides food, clothing, and programming assistance for children that come in contact with the Family Court, Department of Family Services and Department of Juvenile Justice.