The Children’s Service Guild works year round to assist children falling under the protection and supervision of the Family Court. The Guild, also, works closely with children servicing organizations throughout our community as well. The Guild participates in community youth serving fund raising events but only sponsor one fund raising event itself “The Holiday Boutique” held every November. Funds generated and donations go directly to the children that the Guild proudly services.

Thanks to your generous contributions the following is a partial list of program and supplies that are provided for the children touched by the Department of Family Services (DFS) and Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJS);

2023 Programs:

  1. YEARLY Scholarships Program (College & Trade School)
  2. Medical & Dental Care
  3. Sponsorship for Foster Children to attend Summer Camp
  4. Support for Peggy’s Attic
  5. Education Supplies
  6. Building and remodeling Child Haven and DJJS Buildings
  7. Special Events Support for DFS and DJJS
  8. Sponsorships for youth special programs
  9. Youth Health & Work Cards
  10. Emergency Support for Special Needs Foster Children
  11. Children Car Seats
  12. Cribs & Other Baby Needs
  13. Child Haven Playground Equipment
  14. Child Haven Shade Shelters
  15. Supply Child Haven children with clothes and shoes
  16. Building Furnishing For DFS and DJJS Youth Facilities
  17. Arts and Crafts Supplies
  18. Sports Equipment
  19. Recreation and Game Supplies
  20. Emergency Clothing for Child Haven Youth
  21. Work Clothes and boots SMYC
  22. Computers, Printer, Televisions DJJS and DFS
  23. Sponsorship for Music Program
  24. Program Incentives
  25. Youth Recognition Events
  26. Holiday Food Baskets
  27. Program Support for Project SOAR
  28. Assisted in construction of DCFS/DJJS High Ropes Challenge Course
  29. Honors and Incentive Programs
  30. Support Brother to Brother and Sister to Sister Programs
  31. Building construction on Child Haven Campus
  32. Renovation of Spring Mountain Football Fields
  33. Funds for GEDS

And hundreds of other items